Insured Success


Grant Redfern on RIBO Equivalency September 2019
Long time.. I took your course 2 years ago and it really helped me pass my OTL to ribo exam. Since then I've referred at least 4 people who have taken your course and have had similar success.
Sourav Chatterjee on OTL August 2019
I wrote my OTL yesterday and cleared the exam with 82%. I wanted to inform you that your material and your personal support was very helpful. I would recommend your course to others interested in pursuing careers in insurance.
Deborah Tuddenham on RIBO Level 1 Equivalency July 2019
Thanks for all your assistance in helping prep me for both the RIBO and Auto exams I have given your website information to my co-workers who may be writing these exams in the next year.
Abyesh Barot on RIBO Level 1 Tutorial May 2019
I got my result Ribo level 1 with 84%. I really thankful to you what I achieved today because of your study materials and also read books as per your splendid guidance. I don't have words... but I really really appreciate your help and quick reply for all my questions. Thanks Abhi
Eric Chiang on RIBO Equivalency Tutorial August 2018
Just like to share with you that I passed the exam with 90%. Thank you very much, the course really helped me understanding the RIBO act. I would definitely recommend everyone to attend your course.
Brenda Hon July 2018
I passed the RIBO Equivalency exam with 19/20. Thank you very much for your materials! Without it, I don't think that I will pass it. I like the way you constructed the course. I have recommended my colleagues to your website.
Shazia Paracha April 2017
Just wanted to share this exciting news with you that I successfully passed the RIBO examination. This is my second great experience with you, first I got OTL license with your help, and now I got the RIBO license. The exam was very challenging but the way you explained the concepts made me very confident. You are a great instructor who really wants to help your students, always give best advice/tips to study and prepare for the exam. Your course material makes the learning interesting and practice exam questions clear the concepts further.
Thank you so very much again
Susy Santos October 2016
I used Insured Success to help give me a boost to pass my OTL and I passed today!! I went in very confident with the material I was given... Monica took her time with me in explaining what i needed to focus on and it was a tremendous help...
Thank you Monica
Thank you once again for your support patience and help
L. Miller October 2016
Great News !! I passed the RIBO exam at 80% I am satisfied with that. Thanks for all your coaching, mentoring and tips it has made all the difference. Words cannot express how this has made me feel.
Gouri Kulkarni, Seneca and RIBO Equivalency April 2016
Monica was my first teacher when I decided to switch to a career in Insurance at the Seneca P&C course. I'm just lucky I signed up that year, and had her as the instructor. Remember her enthusiasm teaching us, especially the references to Underwriters Labs ... She makes the driest topic so interesting, making us think big
Judy Tran, Tutoring for OTL Licence October 2015
I just want to let you know that I had the exam this morning and I passed. Your video material had been a great help.
Shazia Paracha, Tutoring for OTL Licence September 2015
Thank you so much for your kind help. I would like to inform you that I have passed the OTL exam today. Your course is awesome and the way you have explained the coverages is something which one can never forget/confuse. The questions after every new topic and final exam questions are very helpful.
Katherine Irvine, Tutoring for OTL Licence September 2014
Monica truly made a difference in my study program. Working full time and a mother of two small children Advantage OTL help me achieve my goals on a schedule. Monica is dedicated to providing excellent customer service went above and beyond my expectations, thank you so much for your assistance.
Jenny Guest, First Durham Insurance Brokers, Tutoring for RIBO Licence May 2014
I got 85%!!! So incredibly happy and relieved right now. Thank you so much for your help. It made a huge difference!
Anonymous comments from a course survey done April 2014
Monica Cain is a wonderful instructor; she always welcomes questions between classes and makes sure that she answers them both privately to the student and also in our next class so everyone has the benefit of learning. She created additional exercises (on an Un-Marked basis) to help the students gain confidence - she also provided feedback on these impromptu exercises. She also directed us to view her "How to Write an Exam" and "How to Study" tutorials which were exceptionally helpful! I'd definitely be interested in finding out what other CIP courses she teaches.

Monica is great; she made taking my first CIP a pleasure and is very encouraging.

Monica Cain is a truly excellent and engaging instructor. She should teach every course in the CIP program.

Sylvie Jones on Mentoring ICP Sessions March 2014
I just wanted to tell you that I think your mentoring session was fantastic! I'm really enjoying the whole ICP - I wasn't sure how it would be for me since I've been teaching for the IIO-Ottawa since 2003 (teaching an old dog new tricks!).
Althea Mae Sullivan on Instructing CIP Online Class March 2014
The classes were very informative, you have a great knowledge of insurance. Thank you.
Nerissa Ramchand on Instructing CIP Online Class March 2014
Monica you have been an awesome teacher. .I have not met anyone quiet like you. You are a book of knowledge. Your teaching methods are great. I want to truly thank you for all your are a inspiration to me in moving forward in my career:
Lynn Mastrocola on Instructing CIP Online Class March 2014
Clear, concise, and Monica makes you feel confident!
Mark Wasilewski on Instructing CIP Online Class March 2014
You were very accommodating with 24 hour questions and information which is important to students studying after regular works hours. Great course lots of info and good General picture
Rebecca Halliday on Instructing CIP Online Class March 2014
This was my first CIP course and I was a bit intimidated - it's been a while since I've been in school! Monica's weekly classes were so well presented that I became comfortable and confident about the subject matter. When I had questions she answered them promptly and in a way that helped me understand the concept. The Links "how to write an exam" and "how to cram" on Monica's Website "" were an integral part of preparing for the mid-term and final exam.Thanks Monica for a wonderful learning experience!
Amil Tamari on Instructing CIP Online Class March 2014
Monica is simply excellent. For that reason alone, I urge you to take her course.
Mark Wasilewski on Instructing CIP Online Class March 2014
Thank you your communications and teaching finally came across. I have taken over 50 courses but never understood the theory (was not taught how to apply) This morning it entered my mental facility.You are good
Mario G. Beltran on Instructing CIP Online Class March 2014
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all the session that you did and believed me, you are the best in teaching and assisting your students to achieve in their studies. I am one of them. I'm very sure that most of your students succeeded on their dreams because of your professionalism, techniques and guidance.
Nerissa Ramchand on Instructing CIP Online Class
Thanks for being an awesome teacher, I truly mean it. I have learned a great deal from you.
Eduardo Castaneda on Advantage Tutoring
I want to thank you for all your help. I have no doubts that without your course and your help I wouldn't have passed this test. I appreciated your genuine interest to made me understand the different topics of the books.
Margaret J. Boot FCIP
I worked with Monica at CAA Insurance Company (Ontario) from 2001 to 2006, when I was Director of Underwriting.

In her role of Senior Product Underwriter, she demonstrated her very deep knowledge of automobile and property insurance products and underwriting. She was very effective in sharing that knowledge and experience with our underwriting team and with others throughout the organization, using her writing and training skills.

Monica was always willing to help others with underwriting theory, use of technology or their career development, mentoring many associates in their insurance studies.

Walter Braddock- Associate Editor,
The Insurance Institute of Canada
I have known and had the pleasure of working with Monica Cain for over a decade. Her vast experience of property insurance was invaluable in revising our major text on that subject in the late 1990s. Through much of the first half of this decade, Monica's many years of underwriting and of teaching and other volunteer work for the Insurance Institute made her a valued member of the Institute's CIP Underwriting Task Force. Monica and her fellow task force members were instrumental in producing three brand-new texts on underwriting as part of the Applied Professional series that forms the core of our revised CIP Program.

As a not-for-profit organization, The Insurance Institute of Canada depends on the generosity, good will, and dedication of volunteers like Monica, who year after year teach our courses, mark our exams, participate on our committees and task forces, and otherwise make it possible for the Institute to serve its members as well as we do. I am personally grateful for the help Monica has given me over the years, and I hope I will continue to benefit from her knowledge and experience for a long time to come.

Megan Stefani
I had the pleasure of working with Monica Cain at CAA Insurance. Monica graciously agreed to hire me on as a summer student. Working for Monica was a rewarding experience in that I learned a lot about my abilities and about the work force. It is because of Monica that I learned to ask for help, tricks for utilizing Microsoft Word/Access, how to manage my time to work as efficiently as possible, and to be active in the workplace. Monica strengthened my work ethic by encouraging my efforts and letting me know what a great job I was doing. For me, this created a comfortable work environment in which made me want to push myself because I knew it would be recognized. The way that Monica projects herself is both professional and welcoming in that she allows for you to vent your frustrations to her, in which you can return to your desk a little bit more relaxed and capable of doing a better job. In high stress situations, this strategy was lifesaving. If it weren't for Monica I would not have the job I have today.
Andrea Isaacs-Scarlett
Thanks for providing us with all that material, a stimulating environment to learn and a wonderful and relevant appreciation of the subject. Appreciated!!
Jennifer Young

Just wanted to let you know I passed! My marks weren't as strong as I had hoped I got a C. I know I passed because of your great class. In addition, I learned a lot that has helped me in my job on a daily basis.
Rhonda Thomson
Monica Cain was one of the most enthusiastic and knowledgeable teachers I have ever had. Her teaching style is very interactive and her words tend to sink into your brain. I would gladly take any course for which Monica was the instructor.
Apple Ping Li
I just talked to my manager the other day to say that I never enjoyed a CIP course this much until I attended Monica's class. Common language, clear notes, comfortable approach, easy understanding, most important of all, a strong sense of humour.
Ifran Malik
This is my second course with Monica in insurance institute. The first one was basic C11 but I took this course especially after learning that she was teaching this course of insurance liability. She is a very good teacher, instructor and I would say a new word explainer. When I took this course many people told me this was a most difficult course in CIP but honestly after going through the classes and coaching with her I have found this course the most easiest only because of Monica.
Cathy Gibson
I am currently in my second course in the CIP program taught by Monica. I am pleased that she makes me feel it is possible to obtain the knowledge required to pursue insurance as a second career. Monica's vast knowledge the insurance industry makes the courses interesting and enjoyable.
Diana Theodore
Monica Cain is in the process of teaching C13 Liability Part 1. Monica is a very organized and experienced teacher. She has a lot patience and explains course material using excellent examples. I would definitely take a course again with Monica in the future.
Julie Donnelly
I find Monica a wonderful teacher; her explanations and knowledge are unbelievable. Also, she is not boring!!

But honestly I figured if you do not know Monica Cain or if you have never heard her name before you have not been in Insurance for very long!!

Florin Pitu
It is a genuine pleasure and honour for me to recommend Monica as an instructor of the Insurance Institute. I took my first CIP course (C11 Principles and Practice of Insurance) with Monica. At that time I was struggling to get into the insurance business but with no results. After 2 classes with Monica I had another interview. I walked through the interview because of Monica's class. Everything I have learned during the class helps me on my day by day job as an underwriter. I recommend her as an instructor to all my colleagues and I took the second CIP course (C13 Liability Insurance) just because of her. I found her style and way of sharing the information unique and found her able to explain the same thing equally to people outside of the insurance system and people with years of experience. Her explanations are right to the point and you can feel that behind of every answer there is a tremendous store of knowledge and experience. Responsibly, organization, dedication to her work are only few valuable qualities that Monica possesses. In closing, let me say I have no hesitation in recommending Monica as a CIP instructor.
Jon Mali
My name is Jon Mali. I am currently taking C13 Insurance Against Liability course, and Monica Cain is my instructor. This is my fifth course that I am taking through the Institute, and I can say that Monica is the most prepared, skilled and knowledgeable teacher. It is very obvious, she has very deep and thorough understanding and knowledge of not only this course, but the whole insurance industry. Her skills and experience make this difficult course seem much easier.
Stephanie Mott
I have had the honour of working with Monica Cain at General Accident / CGU Insurance. She has a wonderful grasp of the insurance business and has always been willing to share. She has taught me a great deal both as a trainer and as a team member.

Monica has always displayed a high degree of integrity and responsibility and she would be an asset to any organization. I am happy to give her my wholehearted endorsement.

Jennifer Young
I have taken 3 CIP courses so far and co-workers kept saying keep Insurance against liability - Part 1 for your last courses because it's such a difficult subject matter. I saw that an in-class course was available every other Saturday and I felt that I would get more out of this type of learning environment rather than the self directed distance learning courses I have taken in the past. I have truly enjoyed learning about liability insurance and I attribute that directly to you as an instructor. You have made the course interesting and I truly respect your industry experience and knowledge. It also helps that you have a sense of humour which makes this very serious subject easier to learn. I have a much better understanding of liability insurance in just four classes. I actually look forward to driving an hour and a half to get to class and have enjoyed the subject matter very much. Thank you for your help in getting me to where I want to be! I wish you all the best.
Helen McLeod
I have only known you a short time with the Liability Class. Anyone who has been in the industry for as long as I have knows you by reputation even if they have never met you. After meeting you and being part of your class I have to say that you definitely live up to your reputation. Your knowledge, expertise and years of experience in the industry are welcomed and needed. Thank you for sharing.
Matthew Mackness - Student in Inaugural PNC Course Seneca College
Looking for an instructor who flips through Power Point slides and reads from them? Looking for an instructor who stands behind a podium and reads from the textbook? Then do NOT attend Monica's class!

Monica is an engaging and dedicated instructor who devotes a great deal of time preparing her lessons. You will be taught the Customer Service and Sales course material through lecture, class participation, cheerful Power Point slides, handouts and memorabilia. (You will have to sign up for her class to find out what is meant by the last point!) Through these many methods of instruction, the course material is easily absorbed as well as recallable for tests and assignments. I was very impressed by her enthusiasm and having her share her many industry related experiences!

Evam Gohoho
-Student in Inaugural PNC Course Seneca College
I'm really happy that I chose to do the Sales and Service Course integrated with the Property and Casualty Program at Seneca. The Course involves a lot more discussion and readings in small tutorial groups. Though it was a bit of a shock at first, I actually much preferred this style of instruction and evaluation and thought that I retained a great deal more - I have so many options now that I am completed and have gained the skills I need to succeed in today's corporate world.
Paul Foster
Monica was impressive with her articulation of insurance liability related topics. In this industry, any day you learn something new is testimony to the fact that always something new remains to be learned. Monica enlightened me to new underwriting philosophies.